Employment Contract Season

Physician Employment Contract Reviews

Employment Contract Season for Doctors is the what the Bluestein Law Firm calls approximately September to December of every year. Most physician residency and fellowship training programs end in June or early July. Employment Contract Season for Doctors usually starts the final year of training in about September and finishes up in December or early January. During this time a very large number of physicians finishing training interview for positions and receive and are evaluating employment contracts.

Physician Recruitment

Hospitals and practices hire doctors and renew contracts throughout the year. However, doctors who are completing their training often start the job search process six months to a year before the anticipated start date. While we help doctors with their employment contracts throughout the year, during “Employment Contract Season” we help the largest number of doctors.

Review of Physician Employment Contracts

The Bluestein Law Firm helps doctors with a comprehensive review of their contract and employment issues. We thoroughly review your entire contact and accompanying documents, follow up with a comprehensive phone call or meeting or in person meeting to go over the contract and all the important issues with you. We review your contract with you, discuss with you how your decisions may impact your career, provide suggested language changes, can assist in negotiations, and provide follow-up as needed by our clients.

Successful Physician Employment Relationships

Our main goals in Reviewing Physician Employment Contracts are twofold:

First, we educate our clients about their contracts so that they understand what they are agreeing to, what is expected of them, and what they should expect from their employer.

Second, we help our clients build relationships with their employers by being a strong advocate for our client’s best interest while still remaining cooperative in trying to develop a win-win situation for our client and the employer.

Whether it Employment Contract Season or any other time of the year, if you have questions about your physician employment contract or are ready to have it reviewed by an experienced Physician Employment Lawyer, then please contact us at (720) 420-1777 or office@rmlfirm.com.