Professional License Matters

Professional License Matters

Colorado Lawyer Protecting Doctors Before Licensing Boards

Few things are more upsetting to healthcare professionals than to receive notice that a complaint has been filed against them with the medical, dental, chiropractic or other professional board. Professional License Matters before the state boards can be confusing and intimidating even to the well educated healthcare professional. If not handled properly, what may seem a less serious allegation can quickly spin out control and cause great harm to the doctor’s professional’s career. Your medical, dental, chiropractic or other professional license, and ultimately your career could be at stake and you need an experienced healthcare and professional board attorney to defend you.

The Bluestein Law Firm and Philip M. Bluestein have a strong background in protecting physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurses and other  healthcare professionals who receive board complaints or have other other professional license matters. Mr. Bluestein will listen to your concerns and needs and work vigorously to help you maintain your professional license and reputation. Mr. Bluestein offers convenient, discrete appointments at his office in Boulder or at your own office or over the phone. Contact Mr. Bluestein today— He is ready to defend you.

Defending Clients on DORA Matters

Colorado Professional Licensing Boards fall under the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and the Bluestein Law Firm’s goal is to help clients get the best possible result in light of all the facts and circumstances.

Prior to focusing on healthcare professionals and practices, Mr. Bluestein had years of experience as a criminal defense and civil litigation attorney, and he uses this experience to be a forceful, effective advocate for doctors on professional license matters.

Providing a Hands-On Approach

When defending a client with a disciplinary action before the medical, dental, chiropractic other professional board, it is important to strike a balance between aggressive defense and appropriate respect for the board and the process. Mr. Bluestein brings experience navigating through the system as well as a strong understanding of the healthcare field. He works closely with his clients to respond to allegations and prepare a defense to the board or for formal hearings.

Contact the Bluestein Law Firm When Experience Counts

If someone has made a complaint to your professional board, or you have concerns about obtaining a license, do not waste time. Call our office at (720) 420-1777, contact us through our website or email us directly at