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  • Legal Fees : How Much Will It Cost?

    Legal Fees : How Much Will It Cost? At the Bluestein Law Firm, we work with many clients who have limited or no prior experience working with an attorney. In our price focused economy, many people believe one of the first questions to ask when speaking with an attorney is “How much will it cost?” […]

  • The Letter of Intent

    The Letter of Intent as Part of the Employment Contract Many physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals begin the employment contract process with a letter of intent. The employer may ask the prospective employee to sign a letter of intent before preparing the actual contract. A Letter of intent is usually a short, one to two page […]

  • Asset Protection

    The Bluestein Law Firm helps individuals and families make informed decisions for their family’s future and to plan for future generations. We help people with their Estate Planning including Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives and all the other documents which are part of an effective estate plan. But, for many people, wills and […]

  • Employment Contract Season

    Employment Contract Season for Doctors is the what the Bluestein Law Firm calls approximately September to December of every year. Most physician residency and fellowship training programs end in June or early July. Employment Contract Season for Doctors usually starts the final year of training in about September and finishes up in December or early January. […]

  • Stolen Laptop Leads to Heavy Fine

    As a health care attorney who represents Colorado physicians, dentists, medical and dental practices, and other healthcare professionals and practices in various legal issues, I am always on the alert for new legal issues that could potentially affect my clients. With the fast roll of technology and its impact on the medical field, it’s important […]

  • Creating a Social Networking Policy

    Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have created productivity problems in nearly every industry. While many businesses have been forced to take measures to prevent workplace idleness by blocking social media sites on workplace computers, there are concerns in the medical and healthcare industry related to these sites that go beyond wasted work […]

  • Medical Employer’s Settling Suits Without Consent

    Most physicians, dentists and physician assistant’s expect to sign a contract as a condition of employment. However, not all medical and dental professionals consider the ramifications of the terms of their contracts. As an attorney in Colorado, I’ve reviewed and interpreted many employment contracts for clients and have seen some that contain clauses allowing the […]

  • Healthcare Professional Asset Protection

    As a Boulder-Denver area attorney who represents doctors and other healthcare professionals, I’ve noticed that a number of my clients have not given serious thought to protecting their assets against litigation—until they are a defendant in a lawsuit. It is my belief that if you work in a healthcare profession, like medicine or dentistry, it […]

  • Standards In Colorado Medical Records Documentation

    Among the primary purposes for medical records documentation are to ensure that the patient receives high quality healthcare and that there is a seamless transfer of information when a patient is handed off to another physician or dentist or other healthcare professional. As a medical professional attorney who represents doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and clinic […]

  • Destroying/Disposing of Medical and Healthcare Records in Colorado

    Anyone who has ever walked into a doctor’s office, dental office, or other healthcare facility has noticed the voluminous manila files that line the walls of the administrative work area. While electronic medical healthcare records are quickly becoming the norm, old records are still maintained in paper format. In addition, even with electronic medical records […]