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  • Destroying/Disposing of Medical and Healthcare Records in Colorado

    Anyone who has ever walked into a doctor’s office, dental office, or other healthcare facility has noticed the voluminous manila files that line the walls of the administrative work area. While electronic medical healthcare records are quickly becoming the norm, old records are still maintained in paper format. In addition, even with electronic medical records […]

  • Patient File Security Breaches

    As an attorney who serves doctors their offices and clinics in Boulder, Denver, and throughout the state of Colorado, I always encourage clients to adopt practices that will ensure the security of their electronic and physical patient files. However, as software platforms enter stages of obsolescence, and as hackers and malware developers become more sophisticated, […]

  • EMTALA – Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act

    As the high cost of healthcare has become a hotbed of issues in Denver, Colorado, and around the nation, the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment Active Labor Act—which requires hospitals to provide basic emergency treatment to nearly anyone, regardless of their ability to pay—has come under scrutiny. However, few people outside of the medical field are […]