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  • Creating a Social Networking Policy

    Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have created productivity problems in nearly every industry. While many businesses have been forced to take measures to prevent workplace idleness by blocking social media sites on workplace computers, there are concerns in the medical and healthcare industry related to these sites that go beyond wasted work […]

  • Healthcare Professional Asset Protection

    As a Boulder-Denver area attorney who represents doctors and other healthcare professionals, I’ve noticed that a number of my clients have not given serious thought to protecting their assets against litigation—until they are a defendant in a lawsuit. It is my belief that if you work in a healthcare profession, like medicine or dentistry, it […]

  • Managing Your Online Reputation

    As a Boulder, Colorado attorney who works closely with professionals in the medical and dental fields, I’m acutely aware of the importance of the public images of my clients. Although many would argue that the true measure of professionalism is the work product that one produces—a physician’s ability as a diagnostician and care provider or […]