Healthcare Laws And Regulations

Helping Professionals & Practices With Stark, Anti-Kickback, HIPAA And Other Laws And Regulations

Healthcare Laws and Regulations

Health Care professionals and practices are taking care of patients in an increasingly complex statutory and regulatory environment. Today’s professionals and businesses must be aware of and comply with strict Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations. In addition they must deal with healthcare laws and regulations governing medical records and information, billing, privacy and referral relationships. Current healthcare laws and regulations include:

HIPAA  (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

HIPAA governs the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). Most doctors and practices are required to comply with HIPAA. They are often faced with patient and non-patient requests for information, which if not handled properly can quickly lead to HIPAA violations. Knowing how to handle, use and secure Protected Health Information (PHI), properly training the staff and having the right equipment, systems and procedures are essential parts of today’s health care practice. The Bluestein Law Firm can provide you with answers to your questions and help you keep your office in compliance with the requirements of HIPAA.

Stark and Anti-Kickback Laws

The “Stark” law and regulations govern referrals where there is a financial relationship between the parties. The “Anti-Kickback” law and regulations govern referrals in return for payments. These are extremely simplified explanations, and few attorneys and healthcare professionals understand the complexities of these healthcare laws and regulations. Mistakes in these areas can be costly with severe financial and sometimes even criminal penalties. It is important to have an attorney who understands these complex healthcare laws and regulations. The Bluestein Law Firm can help you and your practice navigate these healthcare laws and regulations and to structure relationships and transactions that comply with Stark and Anti-Kickback.

Other Regulatory Issues

Healthcare professionals and practices also face many other laws, regulations, standards and rules that affect their practices and careers. Medicare, Professional Licensing laws, OSHA, and facility standards such as those set by the Joint Commission, are just a few of the areas where providers can quickly become overwhelmed. We are here to assist you with these and other complex issues.

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