Starting or Buying a Medical or Healthcare Practice

Opening or Starting a Healthcare Practice or Clinic

Starting or Buying a Medical or Healthcare Practice or Business can be a time consuming and stressful process. Medical groups and individual Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors, and other health care professionals often follow the “trial and error” approach, when opening or starting a new practice. Mistakes made in starting or purchasing a practice can be costly, and more importantly, can make your experience as a health care provider much more challenging than it has to be. Doctors are faced with decisions about medical practice management, Corporation and Limited Liability Company (LLC) questions, employment practices, office policies and procedures, advertising, real estate leases and contracts, bank loans, vendor agreements, protections against employee theft and embezzlement, and tax issues, just to name a few.

Purchasing a Medical, Dental or Chiropractic Practice

When buying an existing Medical, Dental or Chiropractic Practice or even just an Asset Purchase from an existing practice, practice startup for doctors is just as complex as a new practice but doctors often face additional issues. New business structures are frequently necessary and policies and procedures often are outdated or do not match the buyer’s practice philosophies or style. In addition, the new owner frequently makes renovations to facilities, needs new leases or purchase agreements for buildings or condos, needs to purchase new equipment and makes staffing changes. If not handled properly, any of these issues can result in headaches, distraction and harm to the practice.

Team Approach

The Bluestein Law Firm believes in a team approach to starting or buying a medical or healthcare practice and for managing existing health care practices. We will help you build your team and work with your accountant, real estate brokers, and other consultants to help you build a more successful and rewarding practice. With proper planning, starting or buying a medical or healthcare practice can lead to a rewarding and well run practice where you enjoy coming to work every day.

When you need advice about practice startup or managing your existing medical, dental or chiropratic practice, the Bluestein Law Firm understands your needs and priorities and can anticipate the challenges you face. For more information about the specific services we provide for clients starting or opening a healthcare practice or business, go to our web page on Medical and Dental Practice Start-Up.

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