Asset Protection

Wealth Preservation / Dynasty Trusts

The Bluestein Law Firm helps individuals and families make informed decisions for their family’s future and to plan for future generations. We help people with their Estate Planning including Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives and all the other documents which are part of an effective estate plan. But, for many people, wills and basic trusts do not meet their asset protection and estate planning goals and needs.

Asset Protection, Wealth Preservation and Dynasty Trusts

When it comes to asset protection, trusts are a valuable estate planning tool. A trust is a legal arrangement. Assets are titled in the name of the trust or the trustee to protect them from creditors and estate taxes, and enable people to do the same for their heirs. Trusts have long been the cornerstone of effective estate planning and asset protection. However, Not All Trusts Are Created Equal.

Protection from Creditors

You work hard to build and grow your assets and to provide for your and your family’s future. But in a society fraught with frivolous lawsuits, where people are routinely sued over minor accidents and percieved injuries, where there is less certainty in the economy for businesses and their owners and where the divorce rate is over 50%, your personal assets may make you and your family a target for suits and claims. Different types of trusts can provide varying amounts of protection. However, there is a specific type of trust known as a Wealth Preservation or Dynasty Trust which can provide more asset protection than most traditional trusts.

The Bluestein Law Firm helps clients protect their assets from creditors and provide for their families… generation after generation with what is sometimes referred to as a Beneficiary Controlled Trust or Wealth Preservation/Dynasty Trust.

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