Contract Law for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

The Bluestein Law Firm works with Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors and other Doctors and Healthcare Professionals as well as medical, dental, chiropractic and other offices and clinics reviewing or preparing employment contracts.

Hospitals, Medical Practices, Dental Practices and other Healthcare Practices have their own way of handling employment relationships.  Many issues arise in healthcare employment contracts and negotiations that are unique to healthcare.

Contract law issues such as non-compete agreements, call schedules, tail insurance, compensation methods, and ownership of patient records must be carefully evaluated, understood and often negotiated and changed in order to create a work environment where the employees’ and employers’ needs are met. In addition Stark, Anti-Kickback and other healthcare laws and regulations often relate to the contract relationship and should be addressed.

Issues that remain unclear or unresolved in employment contracts can often result in irreparable harm to relationships between the parties with either the healthcare employee or employer choosing to terminate or not to continue the relationship.

Knowledgeable in Contract Law for Doctors

Many of the issues found in doctor’s contracts are specific to the healthcare setting. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced attorney who is well versed in medical, dental and other healthcare practices, professions and issues. It is also important the attorney reviewing or drafting the contract has a strong knowledge of healthcare laws and regulations. Having the right attorney will help avoid future complications and misunderstandings and help the doctor and the employer enter the employer/employee relationship with an agreement that meets everyone’s needs.

Employment Lawyer for Health Care Professionals

The Bluestein Law Firm drafts, negotiates, and reviews contracts for health care professionals and practices and works with employees as well as employers in this intricate, detailed area of business and medical contract law.

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